Winter King Salmon Fishing

cedar plank salmon Dec 29 Fishing slim with kings December 30 Fishing

Some nice kings were caught on December 29th by Beth, Jim, Dave, and Sally. Yum! For their second year in a row, Bryan and Brooxie have brought friends to Homer on New Years Eve and once again found success out near Seldovia. Here they are with a nice limit of feeder kings. Our good friend, Slim Sorrows, with a pair of dandy feeder kings. It was a bit rough and certainly cold yesterday (Feb. 1st), but since it was the first day of the year for sport halibut fishing, we just had to go fishing. We did get our halibut, but they were considerably smaller than our salmon! And here’s the result of our good fortune. If you have never tried the cedar plank for salmon, you should!