A Change of Scenery, A New Direction, and Another Career

As many of you know, Debra and I bought a small RV:Opening day Julia Lynn P+DP1020935So, the idea was to have a rig that we could explore new options to the 35 winters spent in Alaska. We have fished, either commercially or for charters every season since moving to the Kenai Peninsula in 1981. It has been a fantastic journey, but the time came last December to say good-bye to Captain Pete’s Alaskan Experience and begin drawing on that experience to move in a different direction. After a lot of searching and filling out applications and resumes, somehow serendipity stepped in and led me to Allen Marine Tours in Juneau. Actually, their facility is in Auke Bay near the Alaska State ferry terminal. So, once a phone interview was completed and references checked (thanks Mike, Kelly, and Tabor), the Port Captain and Director of Operations both agreed to give an old guy a chance. What a leap of faith. It was kind of intimidating, as we arrived in Juneau aboard the TAKU, the rain was really coming down. Had I made the right decision? Well, with the last two weeks hitting the 70 and 80’s and very little rain the last half of May, life is good. Couple that good weather with the patience that these young people that run this company (quite well) afforded me and it has added up to one awesome job. There was a steep learning curve for me going from twin screw props to four screw jets, but I have made the transition and frankly, I love it. The boat I am assigned to right now, the St. Juvenaly :JuvySo, back to the RV. I am living in it in Auke Bay, just a driveway away from where the shuttle picks up all of AMT crews for work. It couldn’t be a better arrangement. I can walk to the PO, a waffle place, laundry, a bar, a Thai restaurant, and the harbor is just an easy bike ride. My friend, Stave Zimmerman (Montana) would be jealous of the harbor’s parking fee collection system. Simple, easy, inexpensive ($1/hour) and best of all, labor-free! Anyway, Life is Good, although could be better if Debra was here. She is still in Homer, working for Pathfinder and managing the sale of our home there. Well, she would like to be managing a sale. Right now, she is just managing the realtors that are showing it. If you are looking for a house in the Homer area, you should take a look! I will be posting some whale photos soon. I go at least five days a week, one, two, or three trips a day. These 78′ boats carry 150 souls….amazing!

All my best to all of you. I DO miss fishing, but I have some shore rods here and eventually will figure out how to catch a salmon from the beach!

If interested, my address is P.O. Box 210871 Auke Bay, AK 99821

“Julia Lynn” is SOLD!


December 15th 2014


Dear Friends of Capt. Pete’s Alaska:

It has been our pleasure to serve as your guide to Alaskan adventure fishing trips since 1997 here in Homer. So many great memories and friendships will be enjoyed for years to come. The time has come for us to step back and pass the helm over to a new owner. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your loyal support over the years and we are happy to say that we believe you will find the new owner to be a friendly face and awesome fisherman.

Eric Lehm has been running the “Storm Petrel” out of North Country Charters here in Homer for four years. During this time, he has built a following with his reputation for good customer service, safe operation, and successful fishing. And yes, Eric does wear a beard! You can see a short bio and photo at www.northcountrycharters.com. Eric has decided to book his charters with North Country Charters. You can request a date with Eric on the “Julia Lynn” by calling 800-770-7620 or visit the website listed above.

I would encourage you to book early for 2015 fishing dates. Those of you that have fished with the “Julia Lynn” in the past will be given priority accommodation, but reserving your preferred dates early is always advised. If the “Julia Lynn” is already booked for your desired date, North Country will be able to accommodate you on one of their other boats. The office crew at North Country will be taking care of deposits, licenses, and help with lodging.

Again, Debra and I thank you for your business in the past and we know that you will enjoy fishing on the “Julia Lynn” with Eric.




Pete Wedin, Former Owner/Operator of Capt. Pete’s Alaska

The 2014 Season is Off to a Fishy Start!

We launched the Julia Lynn on Tuesday, April 22nd after spending three weeks at the Homer Boatyard doing routine maintenance. She is looking good and the boys at the Boatyard did the usual stellar job of hauling the boat back to the Homer harbor and gently splashing her in the water. Felt good to be floating once again! Debra, Marissa, and I took a short ride out to circle the VAVA II, which has been visiting Homer for a couple of weeks. While nearby, we saw her helicopter land on the bow and take off a couple of times. In the afternoon, Marissa, Tom Youngblood, and I ran out for a shakedown cruise to do a little halibut fishing. Sure enough, we found a couple and a handful of Pacific cod to provide us with a fresh fish dinner. That was good after eating out of the freezer all winter. Yesterday, Bruce and I took six Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby sponsors out to tag 15 halibut for the derby that opens May 15th. We managed to get that done and also bring in a few fish to split up for a fresh halibut meal. Of course, there were a few P-cod caught as well! It’s a good start to what I expect will be a great fishing season. Come on down. There are king salmon being caught and I can’t wait to gather a couple of friends and get out there to get a couple! We are available for charters this weekend and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then we will be unavailable until May 12th. I will be on the ALCAN for a few days in early May this year! Hope to see you all soon.

HBY and JL

Opening day Julia Lynn P+D

It’s About TIME!

Last Saturday, February 4th, the “Julia Lynn” was pulled out of the shop and blocked in the yard, ready for another Alaskan fishing season. The only disappointment for Capt. Pete was that we didn’t go directly to the harbor. We checked it out in the morning and there was just too much ice in our slip to allow us to get there from the launch ramp. So, we sit, high and dry for a couple more weeks chomping at the bit to get the hooks baited and do some fishing. The few that have been in the water and beating a path in and out have had some very good fishing. The annual Winter King Salmon Tournament will be held here in Homer on March 17th and we will certainly be fishing prior to that. If you would like to get out before or after the tournament, or if you would like to get your summer halibut and salmon trips reserved early, give us a call. We will be ready soon!