Mid-Winter Reprieve


We lucked out here and we are enjoying the tail-end of a two week weather window that is not especially unusual this time of year, but most welcome. That cold snap that hit us after Christmas lasted two solid weeks and left us froze solid in the harbor. The stash of king salmon was getting dangerously low and the arms began to atrophize. We finally got free of the harbor and the wind died down on Saturday the 17th and I and three friends went salmon fishing. Caught eight nice fish, 8 to 20# and enjoyed a nice, sunny day. Sunday we took Ericka Roberts and her neighbor, Capt. Ron Hurley, and my friend Don Flynn fishing and we actually did better than Saturday. Eight kings landed and maybe a bit larger than the day before and we got in earlier. Although I am just learning to post on YouTube, I will attempt to include a quick clip here from Saturday’s trip. Luke is on the rod and Tom is handling the net.

We are also back to crabbing until the 15th of March. We’ve been three times since Tuesday and it has been great. The crab are very full of sweet meat. What a treat to enjoy in the winter! It was 36 degrees this morning when we got up, but we are expecting the temps to fall and along with it, some snow. It is time for the “Julia Lynn’s” annual trip to the shop, so we will be out of action for a couple of weeks, but we’ll return all polished up and ready for the ’09 season. We’ll post photos here as they become available.  Take care.  Pete