Winter Update

I have been very busy since December 2nd having the engines on the Julia Lynn completely rebuilt and while they were out of the boat in the shop, I cleaned and painted most every surface that needed it. The under-powered inverter was replaced with one that actually runs the microwave, so frozen burrito fans rejoice! This will also allow hot soup and tea on cold, wet days. I suppose it even could mean hot chocolate!

The photos above were gleaned from some browsing in the photo gallery from last year. I never get to see my boys fishing enough, but when I do, I sure enjoy seeing them smile. It doesn’t matter if it is a small pollack jigged up for crab bait or a tail-walking silver salmon, it is just fun to see them out there enjoying the Bay with us. I could not resist sharing the image of Pete Hopley enjoying a bite of fresh caviar! When the boat is all back together and in the water, I’ll have some fishing photos to share. I plan to launch sometime around February 26th or so.

Looking forward to a good year of fishing here. The weather this winter has been as mild as I can ever remember. Hope it means for a warm and calm summer season. Can’t hardly wait!