Kachemak Bay Combo

The Kachemak Bay Combo is the perfect choice for families with younger children. Yesterdays came out near-perfect. No rain, but not too hot, and the King salmon cooperated allowing us to catch three kings and release one before heading out to the halibut grounds. When we have young arms aboard, we try to fish in a place that will be easier and more fun for them. We chose 120′ in the middle of the Bay, just on the edge of Cook Inlet. There we were happy to find instant gratification and lots of action throughout the two hours we fished for halibut. After releasing twenty halibut in the 10-20# range, we were able to put ten in the box in the 15-30# range. At some point, the halibut decided to check out the weather, as they came to the surface and were begging for bait. It is not something we see every day, but when we do, it is always a treat. Homer, Alaska fishing sometimes includes ice cream, so when we had our fill of halibut, we headed to Seldovia where the Smith family was able to tour around for an hour and a half while Capt. Pete filleted their fish for them.