Jona Nets a King

There are a lot of things to learn when you decide you want to work on a boat and netting salmon is one of the more difficult. There are so many things that can go wrong between hooking them and getting them into the boat. This one was a nice one and although I cannot say it was a textbook landing, the fish made it into the boat and the result is a large smile from our deckhand, Jona. There will be many more salmon to net this season.

I know this is getting a bit repetitive, but we caught another octopus Wednesday. Tom Jordan, who would have preferred a large halibut caught it on the East/West ridge while we were ducked in there hiding from a strong wind. Seems like I was hiding from the wind, along with the rest of the fleet, most of last week. Thank goodness there was a good bite of fish around Flat Island, so a least we all got our limits. The octopus went to Henry Baldauf who will brine and smoke it….yum!