The Silvers are In!

We have had some success catching a few silvers lately, but it doesn’t seem to be developing into a banner year. There are some really nice size fish being caught though, and when we get at least one for each angler, well, we feel pretty good. Halibut has continued to be good and when we can get out to the middle of the Inlet or down to the Islands, well, we get the bigger ones. Those that are close at hand on the rough days and when we are fishing the combination trips are good average size fish that are very good eating size. Yet another octopus has been caught in the crab pots and has come home to become either smoked tako or tako poke. This is a big treat for us and for Jona and Meghan, they provide some entertainment. And last, we here at Capt. Pete’s would like to say a fond farewell to Jona, who worked hard for us this year and if you got to meet her, you know how hard it would be to say goodbye. Our hope is that she will decide to return in 2011.