Tales of Whales, Big Fish, and Little Fish

We have had a good week here in Homer. Not only has the king salmon fishing been excellent, the whale watching for Humpbacks has been nothing short of spectacular. They seemed to have gone from a phase of many breeches and flipping to a more serene feeding and deep-dive fluking of late. Jona got a few good shots in while I was maneuvering to avoid these huge mammals as our clients enjoyed the show. We both agree that the best thing is to just get a good look and capture the image in our “minds eye”, as you tend to miss alot while trying to get a photo. I appreciate her efforts so that we might share some with you all.
Today we had only three clients, so we both got to fish for halibut. I must admit to getting pretty well wupped by the first mate. Jona landed a dandy sixty pound halibut and followed up with one over thirty pounds. Together, we produced over sixty pounds of filets for the winter.
The highlight of the day (and we had a good one) was that one of our clients, Chris, hooked a salmon shark that was over eight feet long and must have weighed over 400 pounds. He battled the shark for an hour and we got some great video to prove it. We were about to cut the leader when it broke off. It was decided early on to release the fish. As soon as I figure out how to post it to YouTube, I will.
We topped off the day with an all-you-can-eat Prawn dinner at Captain Patties. The perfect end to a perfect Fall day…..well, maybe an afternoon milkshake would have made it better.