It’s About TIME!

Last Saturday, February 4th, the “Julia Lynn” was pulled out of the shop and blocked in the yard, ready for another Alaskan fishing season. The only disappointment for Capt. Pete was that we didn’t go directly to the harbor. We checked it out in the morning and there was just too much ice in our slip to allow us to get there from the launch ramp. So, we sit, high and dry for a couple more weeks chomping at the bit to get the hooks baited and do some fishing. The few that have been in the water and beating a path in and out have had some very good fishing. The annual Winter King Salmon Tournament will be held here in Homer on March 17th and we will certainly be fishing prior to that. If you would like to get out before or after the tournament, or if you would like to get your summer halibut and salmon trips reserved early, give us a call. We will be ready soon!