The 2014 Season is Off to a Fishy Start!

We launched the Julia Lynn on Tuesday, April 22nd after spending three weeks at the Homer Boatyard doing routine maintenance. She is looking good and the boys at the Boatyard did the usual stellar job of hauling the boat back to the Homer harbor and gently splashing her in the water. Felt good to be floating once again! Debra, Marissa, and I took a short ride out to circle the VAVA II, which has been visiting Homer for a couple of weeks. While nearby, we saw her helicopter land on the bow and take off a couple of times. In the afternoon, Marissa, Tom Youngblood, and I ran out for a shakedown cruise to do a little halibut fishing. Sure enough, we found a couple and a handful of Pacific cod to provide us with a fresh fish dinner. That was good after eating out of the freezer all winter. Yesterday, Bruce and I took six Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby sponsors out to tag 15 halibut for the derby that opens May 15th. We managed to get that done and also bring in a few fish to split up for a fresh halibut meal. Of course, there were a few P-cod caught as well! It’s a good start to what I expect will be a great fishing season. Come on down. There are king salmon being caught and I can’t wait to gather a couple of friends and get out there to get a couple! We are available for charters this weekend and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then we will be unavailable until May 12th. I will be on the ALCAN for a few days in early May this year! Hope to see you all soon.

HBY and JL

Opening day Julia Lynn P+D