The Friendliest Catch

Santa crabbingSanta came early this year! Norman (Storm) Hoyt, who is the brother of my late friend, Roy “Spike” Hoyt, came to visit his folks here in Homer this summer and went halibut fishing with us. As is my custom in the summer the last couple of years, good friends and family go crabbing after the fishing party of the day are off-loaded. Storm has been around the block with the crabs here in Alaska and it was fun to reacquaint him to the pleasure of crabbing. Just a couple of days ago, I received in the mail a fine, handcrafted stainless gaff hook that is personalized and I will cherish. Included in the package was a beautiful “Spike” knife, which Storm fashioned from a railroad spike . This is an incredible piece that will always remind me of the good times I spent with Storm’s brother hunting on Kodiak. Thank you. Storm, for the blast from the past!