A Breath of Fresh Air!

As many of you know, the “Julia Lynn” became a “smoke-free” vessel last year. There were some that came fishing with us anyway and made it through the day just fine without smoking. Others declared “no way!” and went with someone else. We are happy to report that we are continuing this policy and we welcome you all to a breath of fresh air. I have a Ray Troll t-shirt that declares: “If you must smoke, smoke salmon!” and that is what I am doing today. I brined up a batch of last years silver salmon and it is now in the smoker and should be out later this evening.
I am taking three people on a combo fishing trip tomorrow, so I will have a fishing report to post here. We have been busy lately getting the housework done and preparing the old motorhome for the summer camping season. It will be warm enough to begin planting the garden soon.