Marilyn’s Day for Halibut

Combo Fishing with the Thoms

We had a good day today fishing with the Thom family from Palmer. Actually, Barry was visiting from Portland and wanted to go fishing with Dad for halibut and salmon. Marilyn decided to go along at the last minute and it is a good thing for the Thom freezer. She managed to land the leader in the lady’s division of the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby with a 109 # halibut. This could mean $500 if the fish holds up through the month. She also landed a nice fat 50# fish. These were caught in a known “chicken hole” where we go when the kelp fishing has failed us. Because this was a combo day, we had fished for salmon first and son Barry had landed a nice 22# king salmon before trying for halibut. We did manage to catch one more salmon for “grandpa” Thom in the afternoon. So, a couple of coolers of meat later, the Thoms headed for Palmer and a session with a vacuum packer. I can only hope that tomorrow’s trip is close to today’s action.