Wahoo! Fresh King Salmon!

It was a rare event for us to have a Saturday off late in May like today. The forecast was near-perfect and even though we had many chores at home, we both decided that going fishing was a top priority. We headed for Anchor Point, but we considered going toward Seldovia and maybe lunch there after fishing. Good thing we took a right at the green can and made it up to the South marker in time to get in on some pretty good king salmon action. Most people that come to Homer want to fish for halibut, but most of us locals want nothing more than a king salmon fillet to grill. The spawners are beginning to show up, but we were fortunate enough to find our selves a couple of feeder kings this morning. Debra hooked up first with a nice fat 18# feeder that made our day. We decided to fish until 11AM and then head home, but it took until 11:15 to make it to our beloved rock near the green cabin just down the beach from the tractor launch at Anchor Point. Well, the tide was just right and there really should have been a king right on the up-tide side of the rock and lo and behold, there WAS! We hooked up with a nice 27# feeder hen that completed our limit for the day in that area. Now, we could have gone on the other side of the 59 40 line and tried for a couple of others or gone halibut fishing, but why? We headed home and had lunch at Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery and later grilled up some of our mornings bounty. Yum!