Live and Clear in Homer!

Today was a FOGGY one…..had four nice people, two from Anchorage and two from Georgia for a combo salmon/halibut trip. Started out at the Bluff and once I made a few calls, figured out I should have been twelve miles out into the Inlet in the FOG! Well, the Julia Lynn got us there in about a half-hour and we enjoyed some HOT king salmon action! We got ten kings (two for the captain) in less than two hours, but we had no more than an eighth-mile visibility during the whole experience. Ran about ten miles back into the Bay and got our halibut on the Golden Pond. It was a good day of combo fishing and I am happy to report that Debra and I will be eating King Salmon on the grill tomorrow! Oh yeah, the fog cleared and we are enjoying a beautiful evening on Kachemak Bay.