Been Awhile!

Took a couple of interesting girls fishing today. They were full of stories of their trip to Dutch Harbor (where they met). Allyson hailed from England and Anne Marie from Tacoma. Both were in Alaska for an adventure, but both had in mind to meet Jonathan Hillstrand of the Deadliest Catch fame. Well, they got a great ferry ride and visit to Dutch, but Jonathan was in Homer! Not to be denied, they tracked him down and actually had a smashing time with him and had some great photos to prove it. Back to their fishing adventure….we got four kings today and once sent to Coal Point Trading Company we loaded back up with friends Tom Young and Peter Lind for a crabbing adventure of our own. We had success, as the photos suggest and Debra is at the sink cracking crab as I post this. I am watching the grill as I cook our supper of king salmon that Allyson so generously gave me as a farewell gift. Yum!