Julia Lynn was “In the Money”!

The “Julia Lynn” competed in the 2011 Winter King Salmon Tournament in Homer on March 19th. Tom Hyatt from Anchorage and three friends and associates chartered the boat and set out for a fun day on Kachemak Bay. Spirits and hopes were high and the weather couldn’t have been better. We trolled the bluffs for six hours to no avail. There were a bunch of fish called in by 3PM, over 100 and we were chewing our nails. Then at 3:10 PM, just 50 minutes before the end of the tournament, #4 rod went off. This had been Tom’s rod all day and all four anglers were poised to take a rod and clear the deck. The crew never gave up and we were in it till the end. The fish was a beauty and swam into the net and onto the deck. It was buried in ice before anyone could even take a photo. It weighed in at 25.6# at tournament headquarters located at Coal Point Seafoods (www.welovefish.com) and ended up being third place overall for the day. The one side-bet that the guys had made, the $100 category got swooped up by the #1 fish (30#), so just the 3rd place money was awarded to Tom, but that totaled $9460, so he had a good day. For the crew of the “Julia Lynn”, myself and Sadie Mumma, the day was an enjoyable one with four attentive anglers just out for a good day on the water.