The Kings Are IN!

The last couple of weeks of April proved to be some of the best king salmon fishing of the year so far. We had some awesome days fishing out near Seldovia this winter, but the fish caught in the last couple of weeks seemed to be a larger average size. It was great to see so much success in the fleet and the “Julia Lynn” got her share. The most memorable for me was the 25# white king that I set the hook on and let someone reel in for me. I did trade it out for a smaller fish in the end, but that was a nice way to end the day! We have had a good group of folks come and fish this Spring and there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a smile on an anglers face when reeling in a king salmon. Thanks you Lauren for sending me photos of your trip…..this is always appreciated. It is hard to steer and net fish AND take photos.